How Does Medumail work?

Medumail helps you stay on top of critical medical and scientific information in your field. Our primary information source is very large, dynamic, and trusted. It is also the world's largest repository for published articles. The PubMed® database contains over 16 million medical and scientific abstracts and full text articles from over 8000 journals. New abstracts are deposited into this database daily with approximately 120,000 new ones added per month! It would be impossible for you to review this much information, so we pick out only the articles that are important to you and deliver them to your inbox.

When you create an account, you provide us with your email address and keyword terms that match your medical or scientific interests. Twice per week, we take your terms and search PubMed® and return results to you. Emails contain the titles of all new articles along with a link that will take you to the abstract where you can read a synopsis of the article.

New articles by month

Using Medumail is always free. Please read our privacy policy if you have concerns about sharing personal information with us.