Platform Performance

   Unparalleled Open Rates. Emails are opened at twice    the industry rate reflecting excellent acceptance.    Moreover, these numbers persist over long periods of    time even among the same recipients.

   Users stay in the program over time. Twelve month    retention rates approach 95% reflecting program    durability even though emails are weekly and emails    contain ad messages

   Medumail emails aren't spam. Ask mail filters like    the one's gmail uses. Medumail emails arrive in the    primary inbox which contributes to excellent read rates.

   Medumail users engage emails more than almost    every other platform. Click through rates average twice    those of the medical industry which means more traffic to    your web site or more exposure for your goods or    services.


Markets We Serve


Medical Publishers


Direct Advertisers


CME/Medical Libraries

How Can We Help You?

We rebrand our services to match your look and feel

We can recruit and retain physicians and researchers for audience development

Let us help you sell PDF's and subscriptions

We're an excellent vehicle for 3rd party ad sales. Ask for more information.

We can easily capture analytics data to help target ad sales.

Audience intelligence is our strong suit. Find out what's trending.

Our users are OPENING on average more than 1 email per month. Can you say the same of your current email campaigns? You have to be in email marketing, so chose a program that your readers wants. We're flexible on terms and pricing. Moreover, we like to be challenged on implementation AND we have API's ready for use.

Your clients are highly valued so we work silently and flawlessly to delivery content in the most respectful and professional way possible.

We listen, we respond, and we deliver.